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I'm amazed and inspired that you took the time to do this, and animated it so perfectly. The visual style is perfect for it, obviously but what makes it amazing is the psuedo 3d animation. As a 3d vector designer I really appreciate it. The city pan up was very impressive, and overall great pacing.

Looking forward to your stuff in the future.


That was incredibly epic, I applaud you.
Mainly because the well timed ending.

Good graphics, even better animation.

Sorry, needs a lot of work.

I can't give you a high score, even though you apparently worked on it a lot.

Either you shouldn't be making FBF animation since you're not an art inclined person, or (the more likely) you need a lot more practice.

Just draw things in flash. Anything. Draw lots and lots of things and get used to how they look and how they deform in different angles. That will help you tons in having smooth, convincing animation. For now, things looked a little sloppy.

Learn some technique (and think of better fbf scenes), and your animations will get rated much higher.

punkrock-productions responds:

nooo i cant face those facts. i am a good animater! i agree i do need more pratice. but if this passes it would make my day.
ill try harder in the future. actually im starting to think no matter how "hard" i try it doesnt matter. what really matters overall is how "good" the animation is in the end. yeah thx for the review


The technical detail in this flash just shows how much work was put in to this, unlike most flash here...

I think you really deserve a 10.

Good job pulling this off.

Pretty clever. Good graphics, descent plot, and it appealed to some athiests.

To josh_morgan a few pages back...

Yes, dirt. The thing is, God can do anything. DNA? Where do you think that came from? Evolution and natural selection? Give me a break. Evolution states that something can not come from nothing. So where did the first particle come from?

Sure, humans are getting smarter and smarter, proving more things scientificly, but there are certain things that are NOT science. How would you explain miracles like praying for people and having them healed almost instantaneously? Believe me, it does happen even now.

The good thing is at least you didn't give the author a 0 like some inconsiderate people here...

Godlimations responds:

Thanks for the review :) I hope my reply to mr Morgan would give him some sort of new revelation :) Your review was very appropriate.


THANK YOU! It had to be done, and you did it well.

Great movie, sound was put together nicely and that gunshot was VERY satisfying. A stress reliever right there.


Hahahahaha! Wow thats something else...


From experience I can say perspective does take quite a bit of time. Gj on the graphics.

Champu responds:


You got one part down..

Your animating is above average. You just need to improving your drawing skills, and get someone to write up a plot for you if writing up plots aren't your strength. Once again, great animating and effects, but I think you should draw at least some leg circles or something. I think you'll be very good if you keep at this.

lightningbomb responds:

thanks alot and thank you for the tips! :) it helps me alot! :)


I'm lookin forward to the full release. Next time, when you have a trailer submit to NG Alphas. I liked certain part's graphics better than others, for example the car and titanic were really detailed but the people were a step or two below in drawing quality. The panning up 3D shot was cool.

Glue and bandaids.


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