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Has Promise

The instruments and overall sound of it is right on, it just needs to be pushed a bit farther to be a good song.

I liked the break at 0:55 and when it picks back up at 1:10 a lot. You do a good job of layering.

IMO, what it needs is a smoother, high pitched synth added as a lead melody.

Best of your stuff

I really like this one. The more it carried on the more interesting it got, so I was hooked. Instruments were chosen very well, and I sure didn't mind the piano.

Very Professional.


The buildup works well, and the repeating high pattern in the background ties it together nicely where it shows up. The pad's texture 'feels' good too ;)

It was a little short for me, being an ambient track and all. Still, I like.

Draqo responds:

There's a bigger goal that I have the songs be 2 minutes. (Though probably the real tracks for AT1 will be longer.)

Thanks for the review. :)


Its really rare to find trance of this quality on NG. It sounds great for 64kbps, but I would really like to hear it in higher quality.

Everything seems so fine tuned its fun to listen to.

If you have a higher quality version I'd love to have it. Adress is caffeinegfx (at) gmail (dot) com.

Pulstate responds:

I'll send you a link soon. =)


IMO this is your best, all the elements blend together seamlessly and the beat carries through well. Keep it up!

JoeWigger responds:

Thanks for the feedback, great comments


The melody and how the instruments come together fits extremely well. Definitely one of my fav. ambient tracks here.

Darkvampiire responds:

Thanks dude I'm glad you like it! check my other songs and give me your opinion!

Mad props!

Like another reviewer mentioned, it sounds epic, as well as scary/kick you in the adrenal gland kinda stuff. Very well arranged with lots of variation (quite rare).

Don't listen to many songs like this, which means you must make more! :)

DistortionResonance responds:

Thanks! Be sure to check us out frequently cause we should be done that song whenever I can get over to his place to finish it :P

Sounds pro.

Great composition! The style is really cool. Doesn't seem like ambient to me, but never the less it deserves 5. I could see this being used if not in a Flash animation, a movie or game.

Turning-Japanese responds:

Hey thanks! I was gonna call it 'industrial'... I suppose I probably should have.

Thank you for your review! I'll check out some of your stuff.


What you've done with the song works well, and it fits nicely from beginning to end.

The Good
melody (even though its partly someone elses)
Use of sound effects (like at the beginning)

The not so good
-the typical in your face and all for their own FL style. Many new users do this, as in having all the instruments try to dominate the volume level and pierce your ears ;) You'll have to pull some levels down in the mixer and add effects like reverb to make it nicer to listen to. I can't stress enough that they all have to work together instead of a free-for-all.

Hope that helps. Nice piece overall.

Karco responds:

Yeah, I'm still working on those volume problems. I'll keep that in mind when I'm making my next song. :) Actually, it's not as bad, in my opinion, in some of my previous songs. I think it's because I messed up and turned down everything because it was too loud, when the master volume on the computer was louder than it was before and I forgot about that. When I realized it, I brought everything a little too high, resulting in the chaotic noise level you have now. Hah. So thanks for the review, I'll keep what you said in mind. :)

Very Different....

Like mentioned before, it really is something you never hear. I did like it, but there were a few things that brought it down. The beginning was perfect.

First, there's one section where alll the instruments gang up on each other and that's what it sounds like, as opposed to a melody :P Also, the instruments don't seem like their modified much, and I can recognize a few from when I used FL. Try adding FX to the instruments and experiment with tweaking the nobs ect.

That aside, it was refreshing in a way. Certain sounds were well used, and at most parts the tune worked.

Karco responds:

Funny - I didn't even mean to achieve that quality. I didn't even notice it until it was pointed out to me in a previous review. XD

I guess I'll go ahead and experiment with FX sometime - I've never really had to use it. Hah. The only times I've used it so far (in any of my songs, actually) is the fade-out of the pad in Dark Storms and Dark Storms at Sea, and in this song and my version of The Odyssey when I fade it out in the end. So I guess some experimenting was long overdue. =D

Again, thanks for the review. Each one makes my day. ;)

Glue and bandaids.


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